Visit Firefly Photonics, LLC Booth at SPIE.Photonics West

Visit Firefly Photonics, LLC Booth at SPIE.Photonics West

Firefly Photonics, LLC is a leader in the research and development of high performance mid- to long-wave infrared (MWIR and LWIR) LED, photodetector (PD), and laser technologies, integrating them into sensors, projectors, and focal plane arrays. An example of our capabilities include MWIR LEDs and uncooled PDs (e.g., gas sensing market applications and IR imaging market applications).  We have the capability to design, grow, microfabricate, and test prototypes, and work with partners for volume manufacturing.  Firefly Photonics, LLC’s MWIR and LWIR LED arrays and components are brighter, more efficient, and faster than competing technology. Our PDs exhibit state-of-the-art room temperature MWIR detectivity (D*).

Stop by and meet Mike (CEO and President) and Alex (Senior Engineer) at our Booth # 4244, the 2023 SPIE Photonics West Exhibition (31 January, 2023 – 2 February, 2023) to learn about our differentiated IR technologies and discuss how we may meet your company’s commercial needs.

We are also excited to announce that our CTO, Dr. John Prineas, will be giving an Invited Talk titled: Cascaded mid-infrared LEDs in resonant structures on January 30, 2023 at 4:55 PM – 5:20 PM PST, Moscone Center, Room 70 (Lower Mezzanine South), San Francisco, USA.

January 23, 2023

We offer custom products for your mid-infared light source needs, including LEDs and lasers.